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Then I put on my characterbuilding hat and groan.
I'll freely admit this might be an overreaction. But from a pure world-building perspective things look really silly; Megalos has less linguistic diversity than 18th Century France despite being far larger. Languages follow political borders obsessively.

From a balance perspective, looking at populations and how they relate to the languages mentioned in the book:
-> Anglish, 25 million (Megalos, Cardiel, Caithness)
-> Arabic, 11 million (Al-Wazif and Al-Haz)
-> Sahudese, 1.8 million (Sahud)
-> Aralaise, 1.5 million (Araterre)
-> Northlander, 1 million (Northlands)
-> Tredroy Patois: 200 thousand (Tredroy)

The Latin and Ladino are harder to estimate. Latin is probably some small percentage of the 26 million Christians, Ladino might be something like 1% of the world's population.
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