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Originally Posted by Hobbit Feet View Post
I havenít tried a solo play yet but my son and I will try to refine the gameplay and report our findings. Now, regarding treasures ,you can only use 1 armor and 1 weapon in your dashboard at any time. All treasure cards are labeled Weapon, Armor, or Item. Any weapon or armor can be changed out at any time provided that you are not in a fight, and will remain out of play and off to the side, and not discarded. Treasures that are items, like Meeples, will stay in play and will count during a fight and donít need to be added to your dashboard. They can stay in your stash face up. Fame points not associated with rooms (fame points that are purchased or acquired via items like Meeples are added after someone reaches level 20)
Ahhh. I hadn't perused the entire treasure deck, Perfectly understand now.
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