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Default Re: Formulas for speeding up repetitive rolls

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
If the patient is in no danger of dying from injury or infection, they will send them home (at least in the USA). Hospitals are dangerous environments, they have lots of sick people, and it is often safer (if slower) for patients to recover at home than at a hospital. They may have a nurse visit them once a day to change bandages, but that is only assuming that there is no one in the household to help the patient.
I agree, but disagree on where to put the threshold.
You say above -hp (not in danger of dying), I would say above 0hp (stable vitals, not in danger of unconsciousness if they stub their toe).

There is a trend to shorten hospital stay as much as possible, definitively.

Back to the thread topic, I would use either Kallatari numbers (thanks for that table, Kallatari !) or the zombie p113 table, unless the player want to roll the dices.

And I would use the "under physician care" bonus whether or not the patient is in the hospital if he is actually followed by a physician daily. If he is outside, it mean his care don't require the hospital tech, not that he is not receiving care.

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