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Default Re: How do I create a healer?

If I remember correctly, everything in Sorcery is built as an alternative ability off of your Sorcery Pool (so a character with a Sorcery Pool 25 would only be able to purchase an ability with a maximum value of 25 CP before being reduced to one-fifth normal cost). Since you are going to have to invest points in the Sorcery Pool, I would suggest taking Healing (Based on DX, +20%; Injuries Only, -20%; Magical, -10%; Takes Extra Time 1, -10%) [24 > 5] and Regeneration (Regular; Magical, -10%) [24 > 5]. With 35 CP (25 CP for the Sorcery Pool, 5 CP for Healing, and 5 CP for Regeneration), you could become a somewhat effective healer.

Based on DX is probably better for an archer because they are likely DX 14+. It costs as much a Reliable 4, so it really does depend on the difference in IQ and DX. Alternatively, you could have Based on HT, Based on Per, or Based on Will if they are the highest trait and if they are 4+ levels better than IQ.
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