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Default Re: GMs, what is the worst magical item you've ever given out?

GURPS has an enchantment that compulsively turns you into an animal when you put it on. Put one of these in a pit of giant snakes. The players fought and defeated them and collected spilled treasures in the snake den. Someone put on the bracelet and transformed into a massive snake, had no arms and the bracelet fell on the ground, trapping them in that form.

I made a very powerful staff that instantly enchanted people it hit with body of air and also created powerful gusts of wind that were deadly to air creatures. The first player who got their hands on it used it to blow enemies back a bit. The second figured out that they could turn enemies into air and didn't realize the re materialize in about a minute. The third player figured out they could tap their own head and become an air-form then one at a time turn enemies into air and dismantle them with the air jet.

I made a bag of leaking. It was an amazing item that dumped items put into it into a different plane of existence. but the bag had a hole in it and things smaller than a fist would occasionally get lost. When they finally crawled into the bag and widened the hole they found huge piles of coins and jewels and jewelry and keys from centuries of people losing things.
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