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Default Re: Yrth with RPM [Banestorm/Thaumotology]

Banestorm is actually pretty agnostic about what magic system is used in it. Yes, it uses the standard system by default, but that matters in precious few places.

Yrth has at least two giant one-off rituals floating around its past: the banestorm, and the spell that made the djinn. These feel a lot more like RPM rituals gone wrong (or maybe just quirked) than something you can do with the standard magic system.

The pockets of high mana in certain places around yrth (like Caithess wizard towers) work just as well if not better as RPM sacred places.

At least one plot hook requires that magic be able to accidentally summon a demon, but that works in RPM as well as standard magic.

I've thought of doing RPM in Yrth for a campaign based on magical research into the deep secret spells of yrth, primarily the banestorm. I considered the following changes:
  • Requiring spells to be researched rather than improvised. You don't have to spend points, but the ritual should have been defined earlier. I used the concept of +0 grimoires when I did this. Yrth occasionally talks about researching spells and secret spells.
  • Adding some sort of enchantment system so that magical weapons and armor don't fade in a week.
  • I added non-book grimoires: objects that give a bonus to casting, but don't include any instructions at all. This was so that mages could have magic tools other than books.
  • Getting rid of ritual adept for connection. Though I'll admit I do that most of the time I use RPM

You should also take care that the magic remains relatively low-key in most situations: Yrth has magic in a lot of places, but it often isn't that powerful.

And I think that should do it.
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