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Default Re: [Basic] [LT] Does high status clothing include embelishment bonus?

"High status clothing" and "embellishment" are mutually exclusive ways of achieving the same end. They work at different levels of resolution. The embellishment rules are basically showing what's under the hood of the high status clothing rules (or, since they were written later, creating what's under the hood).

The CoL rules (p. B266) generically link the cost of an outfit to Status. A suitable outfit for someone of a given Status costs 20% of one's CoL. However, Basic doesn't really get into just exactly how outfits differ from status to status. They're "better" in ways suitable to the campaign world (including but not limited to things like superior materials, designer labels, custom tailoring, and fancy decoration), but those ways are going to be specific to different campaign worlds, so Basic doesn't get into it any further.

The embellishment rules in LT (and in DF8) get into those specifics in ways applicable to most low-tech campaigns: High quality materials cost this much. Fancy embroidery costs that much. The import of the table at the top left of LT p. 38 is that a sufficiently embellished outfit is the same thing as high status clothing. Add enough embellishments to raise the cost high enough, and it's suitable for high status people to wear.

So, then, someone coming up with a high status character can either buy that character an outfit for 20% of CoL and have it assumed that it's sufficiently embellished in various ways for it to cost that much or start with a basic outfit and throw on embellishments until the price reaches 20% of CoL.
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