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Quiet Hallway
Level: 1

Dark (delvers will need to provide their own light... torch, lantern, etc)
Supernatural Quiet: see below
Lower Purpose +1
Magic requiring verbal or audible components fail if cast in this hallway.

The Quiet Hallway is, as the name suggests, a quiet hallway. By default, there is no ambient light present. If a light source is brought into the hallway, the features of the hallway can be seen as normal.

Supernatural Silence
The entire hallway is enchanted with a permanent version of the Silence spell (Spells p67). The entrances and exits are also under an effect similar to Wall of Silence (Spells p68). What this means is that no sound occurs inside of the hallway, and each of the entrances and exits effectively have an invisible barrier which prevents sound from entering or leaving the hallway.

Dispel Magic and Counterspell can temporarily remove these effects for an amount of time equal to 10 minutes times margin of success. Remove Curse is required to permanently remove the silence effects. Critical Failure during an attempt to either suppress or remove the silence effects from the hallway causes the caster to suffer as though the effects of Silence were also attached to them personally for 2dx10 minutes.

Description of Hallway
The majority of the hallway is 3 yards wide. The height from floor to ceiling is looks to be slightly more than the width of the hallway (10 feet). The floor and ceiling are both made of gray smooth rectangular stone tiles. In contrast, the walls, are rugged rough hewn stone, poorly crafted and scarcely a step up from natural cavern walls. The easternmost wall has a doorway which leads to the Misty Cells.

The hallway is 15 yards long. After 10 yards, the western end opens up into a circular foyer and intersection. This circular area has a 5 yard diameter, with the middle punctuated by a massive stone support pillar (taking up the entire middle hex).

The western circular end features 3 exits:
  1. An archway to the North
  2. An archway to the South
  3. An archway to the West

From a top-down bird's eye perspective, the entire hallway would roughly resemble a banjo.

...n........................(TBD)...............(N of Birds and Tunnels)
.wO=====e(Misty Cells)-(Terror Birds)-(Maintenance Tunnels)
...s..................(Bunk Beds)...(Pit of Death)...(Crush Room)



Connections -
  • South to (TBD)
  • North to (TBD)
  • East to Misty Cells
  • West to (TBD)

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