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Default Re: [MA] [LT] Dueling Buckler and Shield-Hand Knife

Originally Posted by CarrionPeacock View Post
According to this, it takes 4 points (+1 for off-hand training perk) to use a buckler and a knife together without penalty.
The August 2015 post from PK you've quoted...
Kromm has suggested "Extra Arm 1 (No Signature; Weapon Mount)" as a way to simulate a cinematic warrior's ability to hold a ready shield while still retaining full use of that arm.
Extra Arm 1 (Weapon Mount) is normally 2 points, No Sig increases it to 3. Given that, you might even treat "simultaneous wield" as a Very Hard technique defaulting to -2, the first 2 points buying it up to -1 and the 3rd point bringing you to 0.

I'm assuming this refers to how people normally wield the shield in the off hand without penalty but you're buying off the -4 to wield the knife in the off hand?
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