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Default Re: Unusual-Sized People and the Firearms They Use?

Originally Posted by Tallor View Post
I'm going with option 1!

I'm thinking that small folks would have entirely different weapons, whereas giants would use a lot more "specialty" rounds that only work when they're large enough to have a big explosion.
Sounds good.

I think that the giants don't neeed to develop specialty rounds, early TL 4 cannons would work great as pistols for them, and once they can develop machine guns something that is roughly the eqivalent of a vulcan cannon would behave like some kind of horrific flesh carving laser (and still be pistol sized).

Once you already have a flesh carving laser that only takes the tiniest lightest belts of ammunition allowing you to literally carry millions of rounds the only reason you'd need to go heavier is if they are wearing armour (and vulcan cannons penetrate armour pretty effectively, and a tanks main gun would still just be a large pistol to them); so they don't need specialty rounds- just conventional mounted equipment converted into pistols and rifles.
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