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Default Re: Treasure from the Sheikh of the Grinning Skull Oasis

Originally Posted by Gedrin View Post
Salts of Hospitality: Exceptionally pure, but otherwise identical to normal salt, this seasoning afflicts the consumer with the Lesser Geas spell. Specifically, the consumer must abide by traditions of hospitality for the duration of a visit (typically not harming, siding against, disgracing or betraying the hosts confidence). This item originates in cultures were offering of salt is a sign of accepting the host/guest bond, and in those cultures a significant resistance penalty applies to those who accept food or water seasoned with the salts, as their participation in the ritual opens them mentally. While there is no compulsion on the host, if the host breaches hospitality himself, the guest is, by the traditions of hospitality, released from obligation. This does not "break" the geas, but would count as having completed its scope.
Very appropriate. Salt lasts forever, so this could well be recovered from the ruins of a Raurinese post-Imskari successor state with similar traditions on guest rights as the modern Mujhuri culture that the bandits mostly come from.

Sheikh Jarir is likely to keep this where he can offer it to favoured guests. Most 'guests', of course, do not receive the kind of treatment at his hands that there would be any point to giving them bread and salt, but he was a most inconsistent and temperamental man; sometimes struck with wild impulses of generousity and honour.

He would certainly have fed salt to Salif Kwal, for example.
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