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Default Re: [meta] Standardizing Tags

Let's consolidate everything, shall we?

Categories straight out of the Core Rules:
  • angels for discussion of angels. Add a particular Choir name for discussion of that Choir; plurals are prefered.
  • demons for discussion of demons. Add a particular Band name for discussion of that Band; plurals are prefered.
  • superiors for any discussion about one or more Superiors. Add a specific Superior's name as a separate tag.
  • word-bound for any discussion about one or more Word-Bound. Add a specific Word-Bound's name as a separate tag.
  • attunements for discussion of one or more attunements. Add a specific attunement's name as a separate tag.
  • roles for discussion of Roles.
  • skills for discussion of skills.
  • songs for discussion of Songs or posting new Songs.
  • artifacts for discussion of any sort of Artifacts or posting new Artifacts.
  • rites for discussion of Rites or posting new Rites.
  • discord for discussion of Discord or posting new Discord. Add a particular Discord name for discussion of that Discord.
  • ethereals for discussion of ethereals.
  • combat for discussion of the combat rules.
  • weapons for discussion of weapons, be they mundane or artifact.

Categories out of the Game Master's Guide:
  • canon for discussion that follows the Setting As Written.
  • heretical for discussion that diverges radically from canon.
  • setting for posting settings, or links to settings.
  • cdau for matters of Canon Doubt and Uncertainty.

Other categories:
  • adventure for adventures, adventure seeds, campaigns, plot seeds, and the like.
  • character for posting characters.
  • fiction for stories set in a world based on IN or with strong IN influences.
  • net play for Play-by-Post, Play-by-Email, Play-by-IRC, or any other online IN gaming.
  • humor for the less-than-serious threads.
  • pop culture for pop-culture references - appropriate music, inspirational fiction or artwork, fantasy movie casts, examples of the various character stereotypes, and so on.
  • tips for seeking or giving advice.
  • theories for "why?" questions and answers.

Finally, meta for discussion about the forum or the regulars instead of the game.
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