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Default Re: Which sides this word belong to?

The other issue is that I don't think In Nomine sins (by default; consult your specific GM for exceptions; YMMV) are... quite traditional. E.g., whether adultery rises to the level of tipping someone more towards Fate than Destiny would be very individual. Lying about whether adultery was consensual or not would equally be an individual call whether it was a stain upon the soul that dragged someone a few words closer to Hell, or an honorable self-sacrificing act to "draw aggro" from someone else.

Yes, Heaven will hand out Words that are full of, shall we say, the need for a bit of fixing up -- but wow, a really narrow, focused mercy Word that is also full of situational honor/dishonor/destiny/fate... Ehhhhhhhh. I suppose an angel might be trying to convince their superior and/or Superior that it was a worthwhile concept to champion, but also, would the Angel of Mercy feel the same way enough to go, "Sure, I could use the help in this really narrow way"?

(Remember that Mercy works for Judgment, too.)

That's why I was going with the kind of Word that could encompass the idea (lie about something in order to shield one's partner in a bad idea, thereby taking on all the punishment, and/or an undue punishment) in a more conceivable-to-me way, which got to the overarching Self-Sacrifice. It's trying to take the damage -- and maybe even taking extra damage -- to spare someone else as much fallout as possible.

Meanwhile, to the other part of the original question... As stated: Lucifer will hand out Words for whatever whim suits him. If a Prince petitions, then hey, it could happen. (Probably Fate, who then sends the new Word-bound makin' friends with, say, Media, to promote the idea this thing might happen a lot, which could have some societal repercussions that are non-optimal.)
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