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Default Re: Pathfinder Revolution! Live on Kickstarter

So is anyone disconcerted by the fact that the Kickstarter is nearing its conclusion and it hasn't met goal yet? I'm used to even the most ambitious KS campaigns SJG have done (Ogre, TFT, Car Wars) meeting their goals in hours. Unless there's a massive number of people bookmarking this who will pledge in the last three days, PR may be the first one they've ever done that doesn't meet its goal.

I suspect a couple of reasons:

1. Lack of stretch goals. The only one is the 5-6 players content, and that's "meh" at best. No improved components, no add-on expansions, ect. No massive amount of stuff coming in a huge box like Ogre, Car Wars, TFT, or even Munchkin Shakespeare

2. Lack of International Support. This may be a big part of it. I can't blame SJG for avoiding international shipping woes. Even before Covid it could be a nightmare. But losing over 3/4's of the world potential population for supporters is a blow no matter how you look at it.

I'm still supporting this project and hope it meets its goal, but I'm not confident at this point.

Edit And as of 12:30 EST the campaign is cancelled. Guess I wasn't the only one who was worried
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