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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Imperial Standard Military Grade Handcomp, Arbellatra Model:

This is the latest issue of handcomps specialized to the needs of the Imperial Military. It is hardened to protect from the rigors on campaign and has the added bonus of a similarly hardened holster with separate compartments to contain additional devices or accessories. It is made to be capable of mating with any device that might be used for military duties, such as a Scout PAC sensor unit, or handheld datacaster. Other possibilities are to link to a target spotter (either independent or mounted on a small arms accessory rail), and a helmet mounted HUD. With this system a link can be forged with unit personal up to platoon level to share information and the locations of different combatants. Access to battalion, regiment and brigade is automatically locked off except at the subaltern's discretion, both to compartmentalize the system and to avoid the natural data flooding of combat.

It is forbidden to sell to the civilian market and surplus units are usually stored or destroyed. That said a number do trickle outward. Furthermore not only do states not under Imperial jurisdiction often have similar devices but there are "copycats" adapted for civilian usage. Said copycats are often to specialized to have wide popularity but some versions can link with a standard civilian handcomp built to proper specifications. These copycats are often used by militias, mercenaries, partisans and other such ad hoc forces.

Adventure: The PCs are inspectors dealing with a report that several devices are stolen

Adventure: the PCs accidentally buy a computer with a bug-ap on it calling back to the Imperial law enforcement, organized crime group who specializes in the theft of military supplies, etc. Someone is coming after you.
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