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Default Re: Delvers to Grow Unofficial modules

Here is a contribution, somewhere between a Barbarian and a Knight:

Strong Delver – Basic Module
Man-at-Arms [25]

A competent soldier or guardsmen, you are a veteran, but unlike a knight, battlefield leadership isn’t your strength. The knight or other leader can point you in the right direction, and you’ll get the job done. Like a knight you’ll want to save your quirk points or slush fund to buy an effective weapon and some decent armor by trading points for cash.
Advantages: Combat Reflexes [15]
Skills: Spend 2 points in each of: Armory (Body Armor or Melee Weapons) (IQ/A), Fast-Draw (any) (DX/E),
Knife (DX/E), Tactics (IQ/H), and Wrestling (DX/A).
Weapon Recommendations: Axe/Mace and Shield, Broadsword and Shield, Polearm, Two-Handed Axe, or Two-Handed Sword.

Strong Delver– Advanced Module
Man-at-Arms II [50]

With boosts to ST and DX plus High Pain Threshold and combat skills boost, this module is a nice all-around improvement to a man-at-arms offense and defenses. Although you can handle ranged combat, you like to mix it up with opponents, but like a knight, leading a melee off with a ranged volley isn’t a bad tactic.
Attributes: ST +1 [10], DX +1 [20]
Advantages: High Pain Threshold [10]
Skills: Spend eight points on your primary weapon skill or on a new weapon skill appropriate to your profession and spend two more points on your ranged weapon skill.
Ranged/Secondary Weapon Skills: Bow (DX/A), Crossbow (DX/E), Sling (DX/H), Throwing (DX/A), or Thrown Weapon (Axe/Mace) (DX/E).

“Man-at-Arms” module counts as a “Knight” module for Upgrade Module prerequisites.
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