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Default Re: Delvers to Grow Unofficial modules

Type: Upgrade module

You have learned the art of the bladesong, enhancing your fighting with your singing and magic. As long as you sing, you gain the benefits of Weapon Master with a weapon of your choice. This ability is mana-sensitive and does not work in a no-mana area. In a low-mana area, the damage bonus is halved and you choose at the beginning of your round if you want the halved penalty for Rapid Strikes or parrying. You do not get both.

Your Bardsong Talent does not add to your skill level with your blade, but it strengthens your blade, adding to any breakage rolls you must make.

ADVANTAGES: Weapon Master (One weapon, Bardic) [14].
SKILLS: Put 8 points in your primary weapon skill, 2 points in Acrobatics, and 1 point in Fast-Draw (any).

NOTE: This module will allow the bard to step a little on the Swashbuckler's toes, and so may not be suitable for parties with members of both professions. However, in a party without a swashbuckler it gives the bard a fighting boost.
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