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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Aslan Tartans:

Aslan on Stirling in the Principality of Caledonia often make cultural exchanges with neighboring humaniti. This is especially easy because the clan structure based on heroic legends that local humaniti favor, is a form easily attuned to the Aslan mindset.

Customs adopted by humans include such things as using Ayloi to duel, and building noble residencies in the Aslan fashion. Aslan took up many human traits such as maintaining clan credit pools. They have also taken eagerly to some human sports and one of the highest placers in caber tossing at the last clan games was an Aslan. Aslan of Stirling have also used adopted human traditional music formats such as the harp and the bagpipe.

One custom that was taken up was the use of geometrical abstract decoration on kilts. These are called "Aslan Tartans" though purists point out that the term rightfully applies only to those that use right angles. Aslan of course favor curves creating a different effect.

While it is not legally required to register a tartan with the Prince's Order of Heralds it is commonly done, not least because that allows clans to file suit when their garb is used outside the rules set by a clan. The heraldric rules for Aslan tartans are the same as for humans. Tassels are issued by the Prince for conspicuous achievements and worn at the belt on formal occasions. It is theoretically possible for a tartan to be proscribed, but the one time that happened it was a human clan that suffered that fate as punishment for being associated with a war crime.

Aslan serving as noble retainers wear the tartan issued to them by their patron. For instance, the regimental garb of the third battalion of Princess Karen's Royal Stirling Regiment of Guards, is Aslan style rather than the human style of other battalions in the regiment.
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