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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Palace Hotels:

It is common for nobility and such dignitaries as guildmasters, taipans, religious leaders, family heads, etc (any of which might have an Imperial or Planetary title anyway) to invest in hospitality trade. This is considered a way of making an income without providing unfair conflict of interest with the local economy. Sometimes to further prevent that protectionary laws are imposed on nobles engaging in this practice which do not apply to hoteliers in private practice.

Social mores demand certain behaviors. The place must be "classy". What is classy is defined differently. However though a boarding house can be considered philanthropy a startown brothel is unworthy of a noble. The ideal though is a palatial luxury hotel of the kind that makes it into history and fiction.

Practice in this regard is different. Some nobles actually hold court here on occasion and save their workspace and residence for private buildings. Others do the reverse and live there incognito with permanent rooms. The practice is known outside the Imperium. It is quite well favored among the Sword Worlds though Aslan consider it undignified to give hospitality in such a commercialized way. Vilani have traditionally had similar traditions which is why it is less common in the Vilanicized parts of the Imperium.
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