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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Private Trading:

Several starships especially tramps allow spacers the right to private trading and free transport of goods thus acquired as part of their perks. Several Chandlary firms (including famously THE Chandler's of Overnale, and it's franchises) maintain general stores with a spacer-theme in decor and product for catering to such things. Lesser quality examples have to be filtered but are often purchased anyway to encourage traders while goods fit for the store are resold.

Goods sold for this can not only be goods acquired at a previous port but works of craftsmanship made by private spacers. Products include often such things as carvings, personal smithcraft, ropework, and sometimes even electronic software. Like many spacer customs carryovers from pre-starflight Terran nautical traditions figure strongly as do those of other cultures with a nautical tradition..
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