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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Zira Sirka Dikh Terra Uskamsii (hope I got that right):

Terran Golf is a sport that caught on early among Vilani. Though many old-fashioned (yes there are Vilani whom Vilani would call old-fashioned) and even some more up to date prefer uskamsii golf has gained a strong following not least because it had fewer including inconveniences sumptuary restrictions of access to courses: on conquered worlds Terrans often left Vilani laws place in an autonomous zone but refused to enforce them outside which meant many Vilani had access to golf courses that they had not to an uskamii course.

At the founding of the Second Imperium this practice carried over to Vland itself. While the name was politically sensitive, it was simply translated "Grand Imperial Golf Course of Vland." With due displays of politic respect (such as conspicuous hangings of portraits of the Emperors of the Second Imperium), the course was able to gain popularity. With the coming of the Long Night it was neglected not least because of the reawakening of Vilani Nationalism. However it was declared an Imperial Treasure Site by Cleon Zhunastu who was an avid golf player, and reconstructed.

The local rules are the same as in Terran golf, but the vegetation is native Vilani. It is immaculately kept by local groundskeepers. Playing here can require a reservation of several years for someone who is not of unusually high status.
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