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Some good thoughts here, and I can't believe I managed to miss the box. Kinda ticked at myself. I'm probably just as much missing the (blatantly obvious) bit where this next question comes in, but... well. Are there rules for area affects or (more specifically) cones striking large object? (The attack in question is a cone attack, specifically a breath weapon.) After all, if your attack does 10 damage to each hex it hits, then if you're talking about a multi-hex item (yes, the thing was that big, it's a cartoon), it should take the damage for each hex actually hit, shouldn't it? That would vastly reduce the dice of damage needed.
Realistically, area effects (such as cones) should do more damage to larger targets than to smaller ones. Roughly speaking, so long as the target is completely within the area of effect, every +1 to SM should be +1 SSR (x1.5, x2, x3, x5, etc) to damage, while every -1 to SM should be -1 SSR (x0.7, x0.5, x0.3, etc) to damage. I think. By GURPS RAW, however, this is not the case, even if the the target covers multiple hexes.

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On a side note, since the weight of the object involved is in the calculations, are strengths involved in multiple people trying to lift/slow the descent of something simply added together? They were flying (wings, though unrealistically small ones), if that matters. I'm somewhat guessing on the numbers involved in trying to stop this thing from hitting, but it should give me a better idea of the weight than trying to work out the volume of an object I can only see in two dimensions.
As awesomenessofme1 notes, when combining the strength of multiple characters you should combine their Basic Lifts. If you need an ST score, you can back-calculate, but I assume this is a case where you essentially need to know the Basic Lift of the combined force of everyone listed, in which case no conversion is necessary.
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