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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
, in mechanical terms I'd probably just figure reducing a chunk of ice to -10xHP completely melts it (far less to make it shatter).
If you're going to have enough energy to melt the whole mass of ice in less than one second you're probably going to push the first bit of ice through 2 phase changes from ice to liquid water to steam and that's going to eb an explosion.

The OP asked if there were rules and the rules in question are the Object Hit Pts Table on B. 558 modifed by the rules fro Fragile(Brittle) from p.136 and quite possibly Vulnerability p.161.

First you figure out how heavy your chunk of ice is. It's a given that water is 1 metric ton per cubic meter and that ice is 92& as dense as water or (switching from kg to the lbs the table is in) 2024 lbs per cubic meter.

Unless we actually are dealing with Ice Cubes Of Unusual Size (ICOUS) you're estimations of size are going to be rough anyway so you might as well pick an even number for weight.

The table on p.558 (or use of the formula under it) will then give you HP. Fragile(Brittle) cmes in as soon as a HT Roll to avoid Death is failed which will cause the cube to immediately go to -HPx10.

Play with the size of the fire attack, the size of the the ice chunk and whether or how much Vulnerability to Fire to give it to get the result that satisfies you. Maybe easy to Kill too.
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