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Default Re: Submit Errata for e23 In Nomine products

Originally Posted by EDG
As I understand it, Sagitta's comment is based on Kris's use of Agility with Ranged Weapon (which you tell us has been corrected :), plus the Skills paragraph, specifically:

"To use a skill, add its number to an appropriate characteristic to determine the target number required for success."

(Emphasis mine.) The implication is that any appropriate characteristic can be added.
Hm. Except that in the core rules (IN Hevvy, heh), there are skills which are based off of "the higher of X or Y," so while the context there had an error in the first version (now corrected to Precision), there are skills which have two appropriate characteristics possible. (And if someone can figure out how to make a Knowledge roll, say, go off of Agility... I wouldn't stand in that person's way. *grin*)

So I could see it go either way.

(Yeah, I was working on the first post before going to pick up the minx from school, and the Balseraphs of the Media were gnawing on what I was reading. O:p I thought about double-checking as I was pulling into her parking lot, and then there was lunch, yadda.)
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