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Default Re: Submit Errata for e23 In Nomine products

Originally Posted by Archangel Beth
I'm not sure I understand your "not a single base characteristic" errata --explain?
As I understand it, Sagitta's comment is based on Kris's use of Agility with Ranged Weapon (which you tell us has been corrected :), plus the Skills paragraph, specifically:

"To use a skill, add its number to an appropriate characteristic to determine the target number required for success."

(Emphasis mine.) The implication is that any appropriate characteristic can be added.

Originally Posted by Archangel Beth
Yes, but it's not a verb in context. "Be loath to lose" or "loathe losing" are both correct; "be loathe to lose" uses the verb form when the word is an adjective. ("Ummah would loathe to lose..." is questionably correct - my copy of the AP stylebook inexplicably does not include the word at all - but if I were the editor I would change the infinitive "to lose" to the gerund "losing", because "loathe" almost always takes a gerund in my experience.)

EDIT: I see you beat me to it. ;)

Originally Posted by Sagitta
Breaking open the desk with fire (such as might wreathe certain Malakite’s hands)...
I'm not sure whether this is meant to be 'a certain Malakite’s hands', or (if IN Lite uses more English plurals) 'certain Malakites’ hands'.
I would suspect the former, given that there is, in fact, a Malakite of Fire listed as a PC. (The proper plural would be "certain Malakim's", anyway, and I'd rewrite to "the hands of certain Malakim" since the other way is awkward.)
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