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Default Re: Submit Errata for e23 In Nomine products

Originally Posted by Archangel Beth View Post
Going to GURPS In Nomine, page 181, it's pounds. (Can you submit this as errata for IN? Just reference GIN, p. 181, as the correct answer.)

Mind, if interpreting it a different way would solve a problem for your game, interpret it so it solves a problem! O:>

(On the other hand, Tether limitations on Force transmission may apply, and solve your problem a different way -- even if they can take the relics through pound-wise, they may not be able to bring the beings inside easily... See the Liber Castellorum.)
Much thanks--the second point is exactly what I was after. Except for the part where you reference L. Castellorum...which I don't have. I wonder how hard it will be for me to get here in the Far East (though clearly it won't arrive in time).

So, in a rough outline, what are the limitations on bringing beasties like that through the tether?
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