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Default Re: Submit Errata for e23 In Nomine products

Oh, I'm in a pickle. Regarding page 53 of the Core rules, a little sentence is causing me a big headache.

Originally Posted by tHEhERETIC View Post
Assuming the tether rules are the same as merely going Celestial--and it looks that way, simply that a tether does not require a Will roll--assuming that's the case, it has one added advantage.

The way I'm reading that, the angel can take items "clothing plus up to Corporeal Forces x10 in other items". That's in both the pdf and the Unrepentant First Edition. Now I realize it probably means Corp x10 in pounds, but there's nothing says it doesn't mean Corp x 10 in Forces. Okay, that's a little high, but I like the concept. Maybe a sum of the two? In any case it means that if an angel grabs a jar and tries to go through, it would be easy with an ordinary and not too heavy jar...the kind that's essentially worthless. A medium jar with a very big baddie inside might not be able to go through, depending on the particulars of the numbers. And that, of course, is the kind you emphatically don't want to leave behind.

This leaves my basic dilemma concept intact, while freeing you folks of a lot of unnecessary cargo. Thoughts? I'll make an edit if the addenda fix this in any significant way.
Basically the PC's have a bunch of sorcery-made jars that are imprisoning some demons and ethereals. They have immediate access to a tether, and are wondering if they should just be able to take the jars though the tether with them.

(Oh, and a corpse. And some relics, which they don't realize they have.)

So it's Corporeal Forces x10...of what?

Any thoughts on my main dilemma would be welcome too, though you may want to follow the link and post them in my OOC thread.
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