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Default Re: [Supers] GURPS Unofficial Handbook to the Marvel Universe, Reboot Edition

Originally Posted by Phantasm View Post
I've had a few requests across various Discord servers for folks from Dr. Strange's corner of the universe, so I think I'll attempt to fill that request.

So, other than Dr. Strange himself, I have lined up: the Ancient One, Black Talon, Brother Voodoo, Clea, Dormammu, Dracula, D'Spayre, Eternity, Jen Kale and her mentor Dakihm the Enchanter, Kaluu, the Man-Thing, Ian McNee, Mephisto, Mordo, Nightmare, Satannish, Silver Dagger, Topaz, Umar, and Wong.

Is there anyone else I should add to the list? The number of adversaries seems low.
He's not a Dr. Strange villain, but I would be quite happy for Carlos Cabrera (Gamecock) to be slotted in wherever and whenever you can.


His supervillain name just sounds like one of those "brilliant" ideas I get right before I fall asleep, then on the rare occasion I remember in the morning, wonder what on earth I was thinking. XD Though the big problem is... I don't know if there is enough information about him floating around the internet ether to do anything with him.
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