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Originally Posted by Chris Rice View Post
I’m sure many of us started just with Melee and Wizard and figured out our own skill systems. Rather than trying to shoehorn your rules into ITL/Legacy why not just produce your own “hack” with a totally new approach.
Exactly Chris -- that's why I'm disinclined to write up the part I was talking about into a Hexagram submission.

It's great to reminisce about the variants and solutions we've all tried out, and share our house rules, but Legacy has its own trajectory now. Especially in the areas of character generation and advancement, the RAW are more interrelated than ever, and look at how many new publications we have now based on that rule set. It's wonderful to have all the new material, but at the same time any official revisions to the system become trickier and trickier. A new monster or a new spell are easy, but the fundamental rules are not readily amendable.
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