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Originally Posted by Steve Plambeck View Post
Thank you Kieddicus! Since submitting the original article to Interplay in 1981, there's been a lot of water under the bridge! What started as a single "wizardry talent" my group used long ago has evolved considerably into a system I'm working up a bit too different from TFT to fit in easily as a house rule anymore, and ITL's memory and learning rules have if anything grown more complicated in the Legacy edition, so dropping in a wizardry talent would tip more dominoes over than it would have in the original TFT. So all in all I'm thinking it wouldn't be an easy article to write.

I've never played without a separate memory pool for spells, so I can safely say it's been play-tested to death and works just fine :) When ITL and Advanced Wizard first came out, me and my friends had already developed an extensive world, were running multiple campaigns at once under 3 GMs, and had dozens of PCs and NPCs all based on the original Melee and Wizard rules we'd been using since '77 and '78. So we had all these wizards that ITL said would have to forget a bunch of spells they'd already used in play, or go without talents, and we just said no, we're keeping our wizards the way they were, with 1 spell for every point of IQ, and let talents be an entirely separate thing. As a compromise with the "new" RAW, we did limit wizards to half as many talents as other figures (via the Wizardry Talent rather than price doubling), but that's as far as we were willing to bend. So that's just what we did and how we played the game until that group retired 2 decades later!

It's funny that the original problem, that of transitioning a wizard from the Wizard rules to the ITL rules, is back now with the Legacy set. I gave pocketboxes of Melee/Wizard to several friends just over a year ago to try and get them interested, but the pandemic has prevented us from ever getting together. Of course the Wizard rules still say 1 spell per IQ. I can see them all getting used to that, then we sit down with ITL to play and everyone goes "Hey wait! It says here my wizard will have to drop half his spells just to take a couple talents! What gives???"

Maybe someone should write a Hexagram article about breaking that news to new players :)
I’m sure many of us started just with Melee and Wizard and figured out our own skill systems. Rather than trying to shoehorn your rules into ITL/Legacy why not just produce your own “hack” with a totally new approach.
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