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Default TFT Homegrown Extras

I will be starting up a TFT campaign with new players once we once again can play face-to-face. I’ve been working on ways to make it easier for them to get a hang of the game. Here are some of the game aids I have come up with that I would like to share.

This is a TFT Character Sheet PocketMod patterned after the Character Journal

This is a PocketMod summary of TFT. I created this to give my new players an idea of how the game works.
I also have a full page file of this document that I will post later.
Magic Basics... first draft.
I also have a full page document for this PocketMod to be posted later.

This is a PocketMod list of the combat options available to a player. (Will be removed if I have broken some rule with respect to posting rules details).
I’ve also made a whole set of re-designed Option Cards.

For anyone not familiar with PocketMod files, this is instructions on how to cut and fold a pocket mod.
To help with folding, score... not cut, along the fold lines.

Here is a couple of indexes that I thought would be useful:
Index of TFT Spells:
Index of TFT Talents:

These are masks for the Character and Adversary cards from the Decks of Destiny and other sources. Use them to show the illustration on the card without revealing the other details of the character/creature. I recommend printing them on cardstock.
Mask 1

Mask 2

A full page (draft) beginning character (32 pts) Professions sheet based on the WFRP 1st ed Careers, with only IQ 12 or less Talents.

I also have in the works…
- a comprehensive DX adjustment chart (this is VERY slow going).
- Adversary cards for the “bugs” from a vintage not-to-be-named war game.

Comments and suggestions on these aids and ideas are welcome.

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