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Default Re: Thoughts on a Healing Spell.

The idea that a healing spell also inflicts a penalty is an interesting one. It would allow characters to be unhappy about being wounded, but still able to continue adventuring as long as others were willing to shoulder more of the load. That probably comes closer to satisfying the wound dilemma than most approaches.

Perhaps the natural implementation would be:
  • The healing spell changes a certain number of wounds into pseudo-wounds.
  • Pseudo-wounds don't affect DX penalties, whether you live or die, etc. But each <make up a number> of pseudo-wounds counts as a level of Curse.
  • If you get hit then you get extra wounds: pseudo-wounds aren't affected.
  • Healing repairs real wounds first, and then pseudo-wounds. Or perhaps they heal in parallel, so that it's faster.
  • Pseudo-wounds may have some distinctive look, like they've been stitched together by eldritch glow or whatever.
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