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Default Re: Thoughts on a Healing Spell.

I think the rules governing creation of new spells make it clear that any player can declare they are starting to work on a healing spell; then it's up to them and their GM to negotiate the parameters of the spell (IQ requirement; ST cost) and for the GM to dictate what actually happens when the spell is finally completed and first cast. Following the 'yes...and' principles of good improv theater, if a player came to me with such a request I would certainly let them proceed, but give serious thought to any unintended consequences or mechanics. Given that a healing spell seems like a useful idea yet doesn't appear in the widely known books of spells taught by the guild, it stands to reason that many wizards have tried to make one but never came up with a functional formula that didn't come with some terrible unintended consequence.

E.g., what if a healing spell works in a way that sounds awesome (say, IQ 12 spell and 1 point of physical injury healed per point of Mana expended - a reasonable approximation of how healing works in many high-fantasy games). But then the discoverer of the spell learns that the effects gradually wear off, with wounds re-opening and bones re-cracking, at a rate of 1 point per 15 minutes. Or if the healed wounds return the subject to good functional health but leave them horribly disfigured or noxiously smelly, imparting a -1 reaction modifier every time the spell is cast on them. Or if a figure returned to health by a healing spell incurs some sorcerous curse, like they become a magnet for malign spirits?
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