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Default Re: Thoughts on a Healing Spell.

Healing Magic is like air power, it runs the risk of modernizing the medieval setting.
Even in a modern world if a paramedic could lay hands and mend bones doctors and hospitals would soon cease to exist.

Regarding your proposed spells I think all of them are too cheap to cast. A 2 to 1 ratio is a minimum for this powerful type of spell.
A combination of Physicker talent might also be a worthy modifier or prerequisite for a user of this spell.
I like the random 1d6 hits cured as it makes it temperamental and think a high casting cost of 4 or 5 would keep this spell balanced. If the world allows easy healing of weapon wounds the units of surgeon-magi would be as important as heavy cavalry keeping the elite guard units continually on the battle field, and changing the face of war.

The cleric healing is a more common trope and partially I think due to the type of specialization that character is usually required to have. This type of healing is more linked to the "Gods" willingness to aid a follower and less the scientific manipulation of magical laws of physics. So there you have an all new set of costs/# uses/results/blowback effects etc. to keep it in balance.
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