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Default Re: IQ gain and free talents?

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My suggestion was 2 free Talent Points with each IQ increase, [making talent points] cost more than 500 XP each nearer the end of a PC's career, but they'll cost much less than 500 each during the early career. Guess I should do the math to see how much advantage or disadvantage that works out to be...
Being a glutton for punishment, I did do the math -- a spreadsheet actually.

38 total attributes is the break-even point. Below 38 points total, the talent points work out to be cheaper than the ITL cost of 500 XP each. Above 38 they cost more. Going from 37 to 38 costs 1000 XP (RAW) and comes with 2 talent points, hence the cost works out to 500 each, identical to the RAW at that point. From start to "finish", a 32 point figure spends only 100 XP for a pair of talent points(!) but a 40 point character has to spend 4000 for the same. Adding 16 talent points in a PC's career costs 8000 XP under the RAW, and 8300 XP this way - almost identical.

So if you ever thought 500 XP per point was too expensive for a starting character, and too cheap for a highly advanced one, this rule may work for you. Since the prices are tied to the cost of attribute increases, they'll adjust themselves automatically if you use your own, tweaked attribute costs without having to even think about it.

For my taste it may be a little too generous at the lowest end, but for such a short and simple house rule it tweaks a bunch of issues at once.
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