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Default Re: IQ gain and free talents?

Originally Posted by TippetsTX View Post
Howdy Steve, while I support and share your goals, at the end of the day your proposal feels like a step backwards.
Thank you Tippets, I very much appreciate all of your viewpoints!

Hehe... you could call it a huge step backwards. It went from 1 TP earned per IQ increase (original) to zero TP per IQ (Legacy) and here I go and suggest 2 TP per IQ. I am crazy.
Originally Posted by TippetsTX View Post
Two characters who have earned the same 3000 XP can now look very different.
I think I can see characters diverging from each other just as much if not more, letting them earn 2 talent points per IQ if they want to. Some will take the road of bigger ST and/or DX attributes, others can decide to go talent-heavy instead, and among the talent-heavy there could be huge differences in which talents those folk take.

My suggestion was 2 free TP with each IQ increase, but it could just as well be looked at as 1 free IQ point with every 2 talent points purchased. So your XP spending choices are still ST, DX, and talent points, with IQ just catching a free ride with the talent purchases. If IQ isn't that important in and of itself, then getting some free with the purchase of talents shouldn't be a big deal. And the talent points are still only costing half as much per point as an attribute increase, you just have to buy them in pairs. They'll cost more than 500 XP each nearer the end of a PC's career, but they'll cost much less than 500 each during the early career. Guess I should do the math to see how much advantage or disadvantage that works out to be in the long haul.
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