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Default Re: IQ gain and free talents?

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Howdy Steve, while I support and share your goals, at the end of the day your proposal feels like a step backwards. Classic TFT was/is a great game, but it has to be allowed to evolve. Legacy began this process, though TBH, it's too full of over-corrections and half-measures for my taste. Though I also struggled with the concept initially, the first thing I had to let go of is the idea that attributes must stay in sync with XP. Legacy has dropped that assumption, which I think is for the best. Now you spend XP on attributes OR talents OR spells OR mana OR whatever, which opens the door for more player choice and character options IMO. Two characters who have earned the same 3000 XP can now look very different.

The second issue, arguably more difficult to reconcile, is that IQ matters during character creation, but afterwards, not so much... except for the arbitrary IQ tiers established as progression barriers, but I'm going to set that aside for now. Our bias, then, is that if IQ dictates your available talent/spell pool once that it must do so always. That feels like a bit of a false equivalency to me though, since there are plenty of game systems that use different rules for character creation vs. character progression. So once again, if we can accept that disparity, I think it opens the door to more interesting design possibilities.

Admittedly, that's my own bias talking, however. ;)
The house rules I favored before Legacy set talent points at IQ + average(ST, DX). Looks like maybe Andrew Morris came up with this? Or at least he was the curator.

I like these because they balance the mental and the physical and they favor neither brawn nor finesse.
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