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Default Re: IQ gain and free talents?

Originally Posted by David Bofinger View Post
Issue: It makes IQ better, and IQ is already quite good. If there's an attribute that is suffering at the moment it's ST. You might consider making this IQ+2 attribute cost more.
Well enough, but for my part keeping the XP cost for increasing an attribute the same for all attributes is a linchpin in the game balance.

IQ actually becomes weakened a bit by the newer Legacy ITL rules, because it ends up competing not only with the other two attributes, but with talent points as well all vying for those precious XP.

Another solution might be to make TP it's own attribute, but once there's a 4th attribute it just isn't TFT anymore. That'd be a can of worms.

But another solution that could be considered is awarding one talent point for increasing any of the attributes, not just IQ. Makes some sense that you pick up talents at whatever rate you're progressing overall. Then though talents have to be decoupled from starting IQ or it's back to the temptation to start the figure at a really high IQ because that's your only chance to have more talents than average. You fix that by making every character start with a fixed number of TP, but then the new problem becomes every character will have the same quantity of talents as any other at the same attribute total. Might as well be playing whack-a-mole!

That vicious circle can be escaped by reverting to the old way, keeping talent points locked to current IQ, whether using a ratio of 1:1, 1:2, or as I'm opting to do, a mixed strategy of 1:1 at character build, then 1:2 thereafter.
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