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Default Re: IQ gain and free talents?

I've been using a house rule that allows IQ upgrades to count for a talent/spell point, but also allow the purchasing of talents directly. I've also broadly reduced the curve of XP because over a year of play I think it's fun to have some advance in ability no matter how high level you've gotten. However such a change is not necessary and is up to what you like. (I also apply an in-universe "learning period" though I'm not sure how much that has really affected the game).

What I think is nearly objectively true, however, is that if you allow IQ upgrades to increase Talent or Spell points, then it should *always* be cheaper to just get a talent or spell. Even the very first attribute point. That way, there's a meaningful choice to either upgrade talents (you want to be a skill monkey!), IQ early on (you want to be a skill monkey but are taking the somewhat slower route to more advanced abilities), or to upgrade other attributes (you're fairly happy with what talents you have, and will probably only switch to buying talents when Attributes are very expensive and/or there are specific talents you want to get). It avoids the issues where characters essentially must increase attributes first to the exclusion of talents until they are high level. In my own campaign, this has resulted in players choosing all 3 of the aforementioned options, and usually with varying choices by each player in response to the events of the game.

So, if you're using RAW attribute upgrade costs, what I'd do is pick something like 80 XP as the cost for a talent point. All you 'lose' is that for the prohibitively high attribute costs, where players are incentivized to pick talents anyway, they will get more talents XP. You can easily slow that rate by adjusting the XP gain or applying learning periods as I do. That said the supposed threat is that characters will start to all have all of the talents, but even at only IQ 8 reaching that point will take ~ 1920 XP (excluded Guns, Mundane Talents), and if you're at that point in the game I think you'd probably want most low IQ barbarian warrior types to pretty much have all of those talents (all the weapons, horsemanship, swimming, etc) or just consider whether you really wanted to play for this long with only 3 talent point changes/~1 attribute change (or even less!).
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