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Default Re: [Supers] Marvel Movies Power Level?

You could always make liberal use of Godlike Extra Effort (Powers, p. 161) and give everybody Energy Reserve (Heroic) and high Will. If all supers have, say, Will 20 and ER 100, and most are otherwise mostly normal . . . that costs 350 points or less, yet you'll routinely see BL magnified by up to 50 (that's like multiplying ST by about 7, so ST 10 people perform at ST 70 for a single stunt). Toss in Wildcard Points and/or Destiny Points with which to buy success or trade for more energy at 25 energy/point. Maybe limit uses of such extra effort to whatever the wildcard skills and Destiny actually cover.

That can severely reduce the points needed for certain kinds of supers.
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