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Question 104 [CPAC][Open] - Plots, Adventures and Campaigns
Based on what we have of the setting so far, outline an adventure or campaign or a plot that could be mixed into a game.
Answer 104b [CPAC-Adv] - Nero 4-9 is alive
A contingent of top brass from the Fortenza Armed Forces are in YOU-Topia to sign a contract for the next generation of NeuroTech heavy duty, combat rated ANCs to partner with a suitable combat frame. They're inspecting the production lines, touring research facilities, observing test range demonstrations, attending dinners and events, sitting through presentations and generally enjoying whatever other hospitality the city and their NeuroCorp handlers can offer them. The FAF security detail is a squad of older Wolfshead combat anthroshells, commando trained, in service since the Fiumgnazza Delta War. These units are somewhat aged but still serviceable, and are preferable as their onboard OAIs had accumulated a high amount of military experience, training and varied mission programming.

While crossing the lower city in security convoy, one OAI Wolfshead appears to suffer a catastrophic command malfunction, suddenly draws its sidearm and decommissions the other three units in its escort vehicle before catapulting that off a flyover into the crowded tenements of the Antblock below. This rogue unit, Nero 4-9, is now on the run.

Nero 4-9 isn't actually an OAI, as it appears. He was one of the humans in a Wolfshead bioshell fighting for Magdrille as a volunteer, and who was captured by the FAF. He was subjected to the secret, rumoured experimental process of implanting a personality cut out mechanism in the brain, effectively turning him into an organic robot. He has since been serving as an OAI in the OAI corps of the FAF for the past 20 years, eventually moving from their special ops units to their executive protection team. He was cleared for service by his handling technician back at base when he was examined before this deployment, but only started to display signs of agitation upon arrival on the N, which however went unnoticed by his teammates.

The reason for Nero 4-9's malfunction is that he is finally recovering his former memories, triggered by returning to the familiar environment of YOU-Topia, where he is from. Now, the FAF are after him, because he is one of theirs and they prefer to clean up their own mess. Why he went rogue is probably not of great importance to them, though they may bring in their own techs to examine him to find out. NeuroCorp is after him because he was ostensibly running their NT-450-HDCR brainware, and a malfunction, even in an older model, would be embarrassing to them, particularly as it might cost them the new contract being negotiated with the FAF. Worldware is also putting pressure on NeuroCorp to find the rogue, as examination would reveal the truth of the rumours concerning their experiments during the Wolfshead War, which may also have involved collaboration with NeuroTech researchers. Worldware might even bring in their own assets, or engage local operatives, to track the malfunctioning unit, with a directive to destroy the unit and the evidence it contains.

In the meantime, Nero 4-9 is on a quest to recover his suppressed memories and find out who he used to be. This might require the assistance of some mind-techs from the Makers quarter, a visit to Empress Mnemestic, who has the artistry and expertise to do a deep mental dive, or large doses of Recollect. A visit with a sympathetic NeuroTech OAI expert might also be an option.

Originally, Nero 4-9 was probably from YOU-Topia's upper middle class or higher social strata, either a native to the city or an expat executive employed by NeuroCorp, and his family, friends or co-workers would have presumed him KIA after never coming back from the Delta War. Or, for an extra twist, he is one of Blake Musa's children, and the Wolfshead may actually be a ver III or IV of his MuLTI lifepath. In any case, his original body may be on ice in a storage facility and his goal is to return to it and get his old life back.

The PCs, of course, may either be hunting Nero 4-9 or aiding him. They may be hunting him because they've heard everyone is after him and if they get to him first they could claim some reward. They may have a change of heart once he explains his situation, though, or they might be motivated by the realisation that his family could pay an even higher reward to get him back. They would need some strong evidence that he is their son, and would first need to figure out who he was by aiding him to recover enough memory- a tour of the city's landmarks and popular hangouts to try to jog his memory, all while being hunted by several special ops teams, would be an interesting set piece. And the PCs may find allies with any underground groups that wish to cause damage to a big corp like Worldware, though Nero 4-9 might need convincing to become a pawn in such a scheme.
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