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Default Re: [Supers] Nerfed Marvel Universe

Naloth, thank you. I'm fond of Quicksilver, but definitely not an expert. Your post corrected some errors I made, but otherwise explained what I meant better than I did. XD

Like a lot of characters with this much history (and multiple on-screen counterparts), Quicksilver gets confusing fast (pun intended). I had to suck it up and go look at his powers (and glance through his history) on Wikipedia. After all, he's gone from being a mutant to a de-powered mutant to an Inhuman to an experiment by the High Evolutionary over the last 20-ish years. He wasn't as ridiculous as the Flash was with speed powers... until, eventually, he was. >.>

awesomenessofme1, if you want Quicksilver to attack through kicking, go ahead. Just remember that, even with his super speed, there is a difference in what he can do while "running" on one leg and kicking, versus running on both legs and punching. ;) However, if Quicksilver's powers are going to be - in part - due to his legs, so they're significantly stronger, then it makes sense to kick! Or, of course, if you just want it to work that way. :)

That doesn't seem to be how comic book Quicksilver works, though. He's faster than others in terms of his overall biology, to the point he's faster mentally as well. From what I remember and just read, he's probably well above average for a human even when his powers are not working. Meaning, he probably does have around that high of a DX score, HT score, Basic Speed, etc. Something else I noticed is that, besides healing faster from injury, Quicksilver has "something" about him that means he can handle the friction, vibrations, and even a lot of the impacts caused from moving at high speed.

Check out Wikipedia for a general idea of what the comic book version of Quicksilver can currently do, then start the "nerfing" from there. If you already did that, pardon me for not catching on! >_<
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