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Originally Posted by Otaku View Post
I am not against this version having key differences, and so far, I like what I am seeing. :) I'll mention the Quicksilver I think I knew, just in case there is anything relevant to the nerfed Quicksilver. This was from his X-Factor run (pardon the pun). I strongly encourage reading X-Factor Vol. 1 #87. Titled "X-Aminations", we get to sit in on Doc Sampson interviewing the team at the time, including Quicksilver. It won't do much to explain Quicksilver's powers, but it was a great look into Quicksilver's state of mind. At least, at the time.
As I recall, the storyline where he's aging in proportion to his speed use turned out to be part of a villain plot that was uncovered a few issues later.

As for comments: Speedsters really benefit from "Speed Talent" as it adds to all sorts of things and also raises the move and attack cap. It's well worth dumping 20 points into it.

I'd second the notion that Quicksilver is a utility rather than combat character. He don't really kick others, but he does carry others quite a bit and it doesn't see to slow him. To carry others without a major loss of speed (looks like he loses 40% just carrying Wanda) he'll need ST or Lifting ST (only while moving?). I'd probably go for just upping ST (Mutant* -10%; Only while running -20%) since it helps him have decent punches while running.

For zipping around, I've borrowed "Ghostly Move" from Horror, replacing the "unseen" with a power modifier, though that doesn't really fit with what you're going for.

DX14 also seems a bit high. He's just not that good at things. I'd probably go for a 12 and adjust his base speed to compensate.

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