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Question 108 [CORP][Name 7]
What megacorps make up the Old Seven at the core of the Securities, and what can be said about them?
108B - Worldware Enterprises
Key Industries
Shipping & Logistics, Chemicals, Bioshells, Insurance
Key Possessions
Acrotripoli, Chwitffordd, Ecodelia, Huestin, Porth Tywyn

The earliest antecedent of Worldware Enterprises was Floros, Najm & Associates, an Artemian-based trading concern founded in 4793. FNA's chief venture was the Cwimgwynt Trade, primarily through Porth Tywyn and Llanfairfechan. Exports were generally profitable (especially Pinna Silk and Angora Wool), while imports were generally marginal until they began smuggling amphetamines and hashish. Through a mix of savvy financing schemes, good luck, and connections with Cwmnau Trosedd (Cwimgwyntish Organized Crime), FNA became one of the foremost Masnachus (trading companies) in Cwimgwynt.

In 4855, tensions between the Masnachus and the Swyddfa of Cwimgwynt reached a tipping point. The Masnachus had resented increasing restrictions on trade, while Cwimgwynt opposed the destabilizing influence of foreign emigres and drugs. After the arrest of several trading agents, Floros, Najm & Soon-led mercenaries and bribed elements of the Artemian Navy led an intervention that captured the Cwimgwyntish Imperial Household and secured multiple ports. Many of these were placed under the direct control of FLS with the forced signing of the Treaty of Chwitffordd.

In 4923, a cadre of officers from the Cwimgwyntish Gorchymyn Uchel led a coup against the Swyddfa, ostensibly over allegations that the newly seated emperor was illegitimate. The actual reason is more likely a mix of bribes from a consortium led by Floros, Marvyn, Najm & Soon who were concerned about reforms championed by the Swyddfa, and fears of purges targeting corruption in the army. FMNS held off multiple Imperial attacks on the legation ports and provided advisors and weapons to the usurping Kingdom of Cwimgwynt. With the surrender of Emperor Gwynfor in 4929, Queen Rhiannon I was finally secure enough to sign the Treaty of Treorci. Treorci legally rescinded the Treaty of Chwitffordd, but in practice there were no real changes in the operation of the legation ports.

In 4977, Artemia in general and Ecodelia in particular were ravaged by a Shindo-7 earthquake. This adversely impacted Floros, Marvyn, Najm, Soon & Wattana, despite having become far more of a Cwimgwynt-centric corporation. In response, FMNSW merged with several other Artemian-Cwimgwyntish companies, under the banner of Worldware Enterprises. In what was considered a shocking reversal at the time, Worldware basically began operating in Artemia the same way it did in Cwimgwynt a century prior.

During the Master Wars, Worldware was one of General Analytics foremost customers, as they sought to hold on to their many concessions in Artemia and Cwimgwynt. During the Third Master War, Worldware provided heavy logistical support as well as a lot of manpower. For their contributions, they were awarded Acrotripoli & Huestin, and gave up claims on Llanfairfechan to General Analytics. They were one of the biggest supporters of the Securities Pact, but only signed the pact fourth, as they were embroiled in the Cwimgwyntish Civil War. During the Cwimgwyntish Civil War, where they secured Chwitffordd.

Question 118 [HIST]
What was the Cwimgwyntish Civil War? Was it caused by the St Cywyllog Day Attack?

Question 119 [CORP/HIST]
How did Worldware get involved in the Bioshell business?

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