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Default Re: IQ gain and free talents?

I don't have any house rules for flaws beyond the ones I said; so, it is a simple exchange: take a 2 point flaw and now you have 2 extra talent points to do with what you want, within the constraints of all the rest of the RAW (implying that IQ prerequisites still apply).

I understand not liking flaws as a general concept because it is true that they end up being a way that you can 'game' the other constraints on character creation and advancement, which means players will almost always feel they are functionally required (because if you don't take them you are just leaving initial resources on the table). And, while some players are so bored with min-max logic that they choose flaws to help create a character, it is true that many will just pick stuff that they know won't really be a bother. All of this contributes to why I find character generation in GURPS to be intensely irritating.

On the other hand, I haven't seen this option in TFT do much of anything to drive grade inflation in my game. Players mostly don't bother, and the addition of a talent point or two at creation doesn't really buy you access to combat powers that were otherwise unreachable. So, it is more like an irrelevant bit of color.
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