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Default Re: IQ gain and free talents?

Originally Posted by Rolando View Post
all characters buy traits and spells as if they have starting IQ 10, but can only purchase traits/spells that they can learn based in character actual IQ.
For a fighter character with IQ 8, to get 10 or even 8 points of talents is quite a lot. Say you have Knife, Sword and Shield, maybe you have 5 points left and all you can buy from is IQ 7 and 8, you can probably get all or most of the talents that interest you. I've used a fighter as an example but I think most characters are like this, heroes more than wizards.

For a fighter character with IQ 13, to get 10 or even 13 points of talents isn't a lot. You might want Knife, Sword, Shield, Shield Expertise, Sword Expertise, Sword Mastery, that's 11 points, i.e. -1 left. And you're standing in a cave of wonders full of all sorts of cool and powerful talents you'd love to have: Strategist and Tactics, Physicker, Scholar... I could go on a long time.

The net effect: even with Classic rules high IQ characters tend to feel the talent point pinch far more than low IQ characters. Legacy made that more true, because the advanced combat talents chew up talent points like a frustrated rottweiler on angel dust. What you're suggesting will make the problem more severe.

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