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Default Re: IQ gain and free talents?

Anyone trying to solve this should think about how the solution would interact with talents like Missile Weapons and Alertness, which effectively improve, respectively, a missile DX subattribute of DX and a perception IQ subattribute of IQ.

The way it works in most TFT PBEM games is that anyone can buy +3 to a subattribute instead of 1 normal attribute. The subattribute is more or less anything the attribute can do which isn't the attribute's main job. So extra talents becomes a special case of a broader system. This system isn't perfect but it works pretty well in my experience.

A suggested list of subattributes (much larger than in those games, you might not want all of them) might be:
  • ST subattributes:
    • Feats of strength (bend bars, lift heavy things, etc.)
    • Endurance (resist poison, hit points?, etc.)
    • Not weapon damage, which is notionally the main job of ST.
  • DX subattributes:
    • Missile Weapons (replaces the talent)
    • Lightfoot (dodge traps, etc.)
    • Nimble-fingered (thief stuff)
    • Not melee weapon to hit rolls, which is notionally the main job of DX.
  • IQ subattributes:
    • Perception (replaces Alertness)
    • Memory (for number of talents and spells, can be taken multiple times)
    • Willpower (resist rolls, etc.)
    • Not IQ requirements for talents and spells, which is notionally the main job of ST.
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