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Default Re: TFT Life History Character Generation

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
My suggestion is that wizards start training at age 6, not just to avoid talents, but to avoid the techniques of learning talents.
I use a rule like that already, to justify (rationalize) why a PC that starts as a "hero" cannot decide to make a career change and become a wizard sometime after character creation. My prerequisite talent for wizards (Adept) takes 7 years to learn, and must be completed before puberty. A child's innate psychic ability to sense and focus mana becomes lost if it isn't developed before the hormones kick in :)

I actually came up with that rule after my Wizardry talent was criticized way back in an older thread by folk who feared it blurred the lines too much between "heroes" and "wizards", not that it was ever intended to allow PCs to change career paths after they had been established.
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