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Question 22 [CTY]
Name and describe 10 different districts or locales in the city.
YOU-topia's primary source of raw biological material for ANC production (and many other things) is seaweed which exists in staggaring quantities in the doldrum like ocean nearby. Vast forests thousands of kilometers long thrive as a result of globally warming. Ships, drones and booms drag and push masses of algae the size of small countries to the city to be ground up and processed in vast tanks that also serve as a keel for YOU-Topia.

This sector of the city is a smelly industrial port with that's constantly swarming with activity. This mixture of chaotic industrial town and ships crews on leave creates a perfect environment for crime, sleaze, smuggling and even more crime. Organized crime is big here, but they hardly dominate the underworld, competition is rampant.

A security crackdown in this area is most likely to be a token rounding up of the juves and phans who scrounged a living off the detritus they can find in the seaweed before it gets sucked into the grinders.

The old ways
Way back during the Master Wars the undersea canyon that passes beneath the city was used by submersible oil tankers to smuggle petrochemicals from DCG* territory. A whole network of facilities and residences was built by the ex and psuedo military people involved. Now this group has faded into relative obscurity, but they do have an easier time getting metalic and other easier to detect sublegal material such as explosives into the city.

*Democratic Centralised Governments

Question 23
Describe some of the criminal groups that operate within the Sluse
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