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Default Re: [GAME] Synthesise a Cybercity!

Question 15 [CTY]: Is YOU-topia unique in its status as a plastic island floating off this particular coast?

So far, but rumors of similar projects in the works (and job opportunities for skilled and discrete saboteurs) are rife.

Question 16 [CTY]: What does the city produce that enables the millions of quasi-captive citizens to be fed?

Hope you like algae-burgers, citizen.

Question 17 [CTY][Name 10]: Name and describe 10 different districts or locales in the city. OPEN.

Question 18 [CTY]: What is the city's main power source?

Hydroelectric and Solar, officially. Unofficially, that big ol' fission plant has a lot to do with it, which they say is 100% safe when it comes up, but those giant mutant crabs didn't mutate themselves...

Question 19 [CTY]: How is the city geometrically laid out (not necessarily square)?

It's a gigantic letter N, of course! Visible from orbit, like a trademark on the world. They may have lost the Wars, but NeuroCorp remain arrogant bastards until the end. The city's location and design are a natural source of a lot of crazy Mad Max + Waterworld action.

Question 20 [CTY]: PASS
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